Our Approach

Horizon Arts creates opportunities in the Arts and Music business.

We support creative development and accompany artists, creative projects and ideas, through economic realities and societal change. We believe that artistic expression explains our culture; it illuminates, inspires, provokes and entertains.

Though the dissemination of art frequently does not follow traditional business models, it nonetheless has considerable economic impact on society.

We are equipped to meet the needs of artists,  culture presenters, and the related media and education sectors.

Our Themes

Development in the arts environment

We produce, we create space for creative expression. We support authenticity. We sharpen the individual profile.

Creative infrastructure

We create structures to direct free, creative development on a stable path. We check the feasibility of artistic projects.

Business competence

We connect artistic expression to economic frameworks. We know the business, and keep an eye on it. We create the relationship to reality.

We currently work with Mahler FoundationHorizon Youth Orchestra , The Anna Rothschild Ensemble, and advise a small list of selected artists on matters of business management, artistic development and communication.

Who we are

Andrea Kleibel
Founder, Director

Andrea Kleibel has extensive experience in the management of international artists’ careers,  and cultural institutions of various sizes. She has worked in music production and in arts education at the university level.

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What we think and do