Cultural Leadership

Arts and Creativity thrive in diverse environments. Cultural leadership is important in many different settings, including arts organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies: 

A mindset of cultural leadership helps us better adapt to changes in technology, audience preferences, and funding models. 

Arts professionals can be cultural leaders who set a tone, establish values, and create a sense of community. 

Whether you’re an arts organization creating a forward-looking culture, or an individual looking to take control of your work, I’m here to help:


For Arts Organizations:

Cultural leadership is essential for public spaces – it is a mindset that empowers arts professionals to be better leaders.

These leaders create a culture that is reflective of the communities they serve, celebrates good business ethics, values different perspectives, and raises awareness for challenges in the field. Introducing a mindset of openness to the unknown is an opportunity to make a difference.



For Artists: 

Many musicians and artists are self-employed, and need to be able to market themselves effectively, negotiate contracts, and manage their finances in a constantly evolving industry. Cultural leadership is a valuable training service that can help navigate the complexities of the music and arts world, build strong relationships with colleagues, and help become an effective advocate for the arts and ones own career.